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To build the Careers worth having, Businesses worth owning, and Lives worth living.

Brief Introduction 
We would first like to take the opportunity to introduce our company, Vikalp Infratech Pvt Ltd (formerly known as Vikalp Facility Management services Pvt Ltd) is a multi-dimensional portfolio of companies that operates in various business domains on a pan India basis. We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as a professionally managed company providing unique solutions from concept stage to commissioning in field of FMS, PMC & Fire & safety. 


Our vision is to be an innovative team of motivated professional recognized for excellence in FMS ,PMC & Fire Safety.


Our mission " While you focus on your core business. We manage your services up to your expectations. We committed to provide sustainable service."


The objective of Vikalp Infratech Pvt Ltd is efficient management of Property, while making combined use of various resources to achieve quality and cost effective FMS, PMC & Fire Fighting in rapid response to the need of customers. Our VFMS team is in a unique position to provide a fully integrated solution to its clients. We can regroup all support services in to a single contract and provide a dedicated Facility Management / Project Management & Fire & safety Solution. 


Our commitment to client

  • Understand the expectations of clients 

  • Articulate the synergies 

  • Spell out the strategy option 

  • Arrive at a common strategy plan 

  • Put forth FM & S plans 

  • Create a Win- Win solution 


Why Vikalp ???

  • 20% low cost compare to MNCs. 

  • System & process oriented 

  • Strive for Customer satisfaction 

  • Single point of contact for all issue 

  • Financially strong 

  • Competent team at site level as well as back end support team 

  • Trained manpower at all level 

  • Monthly feedback from client 

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